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Certified, Legal and Financial Translations

Contracts – Sale Contracts (International Sales Transactions)

Trusts (and other Contracts)

  • Personal documents in general: Certificates, passports, among others.
  • Documents related to education:  transcripts, diplomas, university reports, etc.
  • Notarial documents: Powers of attorney, deeds, etc.
  • Judicial documents: Letters rogatory, sentences, case files and similar documents in criminal and civil matters.
  • Documents related to international commerce: certificate of origin, maritime insurance, Bill of lading, etc.
  • Patents, Labels.
  • Balance sheets, Commercial Reports, Stock Certificates, Offers of Securities,
  • Documents related to business law: Contracts, Trusts, Financial Trusts, Tenders, Bylaws, Certificates of Incorporations, Reports, among others.

Interpreting service

Wedding Services / Notary Public Offices /Public Offices in general, etc.

  • Congresses, conferences,

  • business meetings,

  • company meetings,

  • among others.

  • Abstracts, Papers, Theses,

  • Reports, Essays,

  • Articles, Letters, Presentations.

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Spanish for business / Spanish for law

Español para fines comunicacionales
Communicative Spanish
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Spanish for travel

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Traductora Pública de Inglés (UBA)

  • Certified Translator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (UBA), 1981. Post-graduate courses on Translation and IT. Master in Translation (UBA).  (Free lancer since 1981)
  • Expert Witness Acting in the Federal and Provincial Justice. (Criminal and Correctional Law – Civil Law)
  • Member of the Committee at IRAM ISO Argentina in charge of the assessment of the ISO 17100 recently approved.
  • Member of the Committee of Translation at IRAM Argentina, for Iram Standards 13650 “Quality of Sworn Translations”, currently under development.
  • Professor at University of Belgrano (UB) Translation.
  • Author of the Glossary in Context “International Commerce”, currently under revision process.
  • Presenter in Uruguay, Brazil and England.
  • In Argentina, presenter in the province of Tucumán, Córdoba, Santa Fe,
  • Member of the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Member of the Association of Sworn Translators and Court Interpreters of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Ex-Chairman of the Ethics Tribunal of the Association of Sworn Translators and Court Interpreters of the Province of Buenos Aires.


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+54 911 6821 0117